About the company

“Elis V” Ltd. was established in 1999 and is one of the leaders of floor covering selling (tuft and PVC floor coverings, laminates, parquet).

The first shop was opened in 1999 in Riga, K. Ulmana gatve 2/1. Total area is 3000 m2. We offer a wide range of finishing material for house renovation to our customers: tuft floor coverings, PVC floor coverings, carpets, chandeliers, tiles, laminates, wallpapers, doors and sanitary wares.

The second shop was opened In 2004 in Riga, Vaidavas street12. Total area is 900 m2.

We have in-depth experience and knowledge in sales and consulting during the years of expansion of our company. We study demands of our customers very carefully in order to provide wide range of goods and services in our shops.

Our company offers advantageous terms and conditions, competitive prices, qualitative service and wide range of goods to our customers.

The main reasons of long-time success of our company are: professional staff, awareness and flexibility in dealing with our customers.